About The Film Arcade

THE FILM ARCADE is a boutique independent film production and distribution company that specializes in producing and distributing high-quality, cutting-edge films that push the boundaries of traditional storytelling. This company has a reputation for taking chances on unconventional and thought-provoking projects, and for working with talented up-and-coming filmmakers.

The company operates as a tight-knit team, with a focus on collaboration and innovation in all stages of the production process. From development to post-production, THE FILM ARCADE's experienced professionals work closely with the filmmakers to bring their vision to life.

In terms of distribution, THE FILM ARCADE has a strong network of relationships with independent theaters, film festivals, and online platforms, allowing it to get its films in front of a wide audience. The company also has a commitment to promoting and supporting the films it produces, and works hard to build buzz and generate critical acclaim for each of its releases.

In short, THE FILM ARCADE is a unique and creative force in the independent film world, known for producing bold, original films that challenge and inspire audiences.

And then we would like a button on the top that says CAROUSEL that brings up to the The Film Arcade Carousel page, and we would like to update the description to say:

The Film Arcade Carousel arm is a dynamic part of our distribution company that specializes in servicing small films with budgets under 2 million dollars with diverse stories and story tellers. The company's mission is to help get these films seen by audiences by providing a wide range of services, including distribution consulting, festival consulting, foreign sales representation, and much more.

At Film Arcade Carousel, the filmmakers are in control of the release process, with tiered pricing options available to fit their specific vision and goals for their film. The company offers a competitive and transparent pricing model, where filmmakers pay wholesale for each platform they choose, avoiding overpriced fees and giving them more control over their budget.

One of the unique offerings of Film Arcade Carousel is the Early Decision option, which includes production consulting and gives filmmakers the opportunity to secure guaranteed distribution while they seek financing. The company's licensing agreement is also flexible, with films only being licensed for 3 years, allowing filmmakers the option to take their film elsewhere if they are not satisfied.

Overall, Film Arcade Carousel empowers filmmakers to navigate the complex world of distribution and bring their films to the world with confidence. With a focus on diversity and inclusivity, the company is dedicated to helping small films with powerful stories reach audiences and make a lasting impact.Call us to see if THE FILM ARCADE CAROUSEL is the right distribution option for your film 323-951-9197!
* We do re-releasing of older titles as well. Reach out to us at office@thefilmacrade.com



  • Email asst@thefilmarcade.com
  • Phone (323) 951-9197
  • Address 1635 North Cahuenga Boulevard
    Suite 550
    Los Angeles, CA 90028